• English Teacher: Now I want you to tell me the saddest love story you have ever encountered.
  • Me: Well, it all began when two babies were born in a different place and time. The boy grew up to be a successful young man who roams around the world to showcase his talent while the girl stayed in the sea of faces who admired him. He doesn't know her, but she knows him, from his real name to what his favorite color is. She sends him love letters, even if she's aware that he won't be able to read it and she has to pay loads of money just to watch him perform for a few hours. That pattern goes on and on, unceasingly. The boy continues to walk in his dream, while the girl could only look at him with pure admiration, and sadly, that's how it'll end. The boy...will never know just how much the girl loves him.
  • English Teacher: That's quite sad.
  • Me: Oh, the life of a fangirl really is sad, Teach.
  • English Teacher: What
  • Me: What

Please just take the time to read this it may help you.

  • Hey I need to ask you a favor! Will you promise me you won't hurt yourself today, in fact will you promise me you wont hurt yourself at all. I know that isn't easy sometimes but I have a creative idea that helped some of my friends and even people I didn't really know, instead of cutting yourself wherever you want to cut use a marker. Yes I am telling you to draw on yourself, something we've been told not to do. Remember that someone loves you and doesn't want to see you hurt or gone. Please just do me the favor of not hurting yourself. Reblog this if you have to remind yourself that someone cares, I care and share it for other people that may need it. I know it sounds bad me asking for you to share it but its not as bad as you think I just want people to know that someone does care about them.